I’m a musician, composer and performer. I was born in 1984, in a small village in the Italian Alps, nearby Lake Garda and I studied Composition and Philosophy in Verona, Venice and Würzburg. I’m active both as composer, writing instrumental music for various line-ups (from solo instruments to ensembles and orchestra), and as performer, creating works and sound performances for different instruments, voice, electronic sounds and video. I'm very interested in sound in connection to religion, transcendence and rituals and in processes in which the performers and the listeners are pushed at the limits of their listening or performing possibilities. Furthermore my works deal often with issues such as cultural contaminations, conflicts and transnational exchanges between cultures. To me, the appropriation, the de-contextualisation, and the combination of linguistic elements, stylistic features and musical instruments from different musical cultures have the purpose to stress a conflict, to point out a painful distance, and to make an irreparable loss perceivable.

I work and live in Berlin, Germany

CV (english)