Terra Nullius - for lira calabrese and soprano

The performance was created after the overland trip from Italy to Armenia through the Balkans, Greece, and Turkey, on the traces of an ancient traditional instrument shared by many different cultures within a broad geographical area. During the trip I realized how the use of this instrument was deeply interlaced with many issues originated by globalization and migrations, such as the fear to lose one’s own cultural identity and the consequent rising of conflicts and nationalisms in the attempt to preserve traditional values, gender roles and hierarchies. The performance is centered on the conflicts between the two performers, female and male, playing together a single instrument in a sort of choreography made of hands movements, acoustic and electronic sounds, singing and speech. 

Since the project is still in progress the video below, made after an artist residence at ICA in Yerevan, presents only the main idea at the base of the work on which I'm at the moment still working.

In collaboration with Institute for Contemporary Art (ICA) - Yerevan (Armenia). 

With the support of European Cultural Foundation

Recorded at ICA, Yerevan, the 26th of May 2018. Performers: Mary Bayatyan and Edoardo Micheli In collaboration with ICA, Institute for Contemporary Art, Yerevan With the support of European Cultural Foundation