Canto - هواء / Canto - أغنية


Canto - أغنية is a further elaboration on the same text, for video and electronic.

Canto - هواء is a piece for blues harmonica, electronics and voice and was written after the listening to some recordings of Sufi songs by a male choir in Aleppo in 2011, just before the beginning of the war. In the piece the voice sings in the harmonica an ancient Sufi text in Arabic that is the Hizb an-nasr or Litany of Victory by Shaykh Abdal Qadir Jilan.

Translation of Shaykh Shādhilī’s Litany of Victory (Ḥizb al-Naṣr) 

O God, by the subjugating power of Your authority! By the speed of the relief of Your Victory! By Your protective wrath over the violation of what You have prohibited! And by Your shelter of whomever seeks Your protection through Your verses of the Qur’an! We beg You! O Allah! O All- Hearing! O Near One! O Answerer! O Swift One! O Avenger! O Mighty Assaulter! O Subjugator! O Compeller! O You Who is not weakened by the power of tyrants! [O You] for whom the destruction of tyrants is no significant challenge! We ask You to make the trap of he who plots against us to be entrapped by it, and the plot of he who plots against us to fall prey to his own snare! And [we beg You] to cause he who digs a hole for us to fall into it, and he who sets up a net of deception for us to be driven into it, trapped by it, and imprisoned by it! O God, by the right of “Kaf-Ha-Ya-ʽAyn-Sad,” relieve us from the fear of [our] enemies! Confront them with subjugation, make them a ransom for all that is dear, and overpower them with a swift defeat; today and tomorrow. O God, divide their unity! O God, disperse their assembly! O God, lessen their numbers! O God, blunt their edge! O God, make them shackled by their own ring [of fetters]! O God, make retribution to be upon them! O God, exclude them from the shade of leniency! And deprive them of the support of sufficient time! Fetter their hands and feet, tie up their hearts and do not enable them reach their goals! O God, tear them apart in the way you make Your enemies perish in order to grant victory to Your Prophets, Messengers, and Your dearest servants. O God, grant us the victory of Your beloved ones over Your enemies. O God, do not allow the enemy overpower us and do not give them authority over us as a result of our sins. Matters have become intense, victory has arrived, and they will not overpower us.  [grant us] protection from what we fear! O God, avert the evils of the malicious [enemies]. Do not make us a source of tribulation. O God, grant us what we hope [for] and beyond what we hope for. O One through Whose favors we ask for His favors! We ask You for haste; haste! O God, answer [us]! Answer [us]! O One Who answered Nuh among his people! O One who gave victory to Ibrahim over his enemies! O One Who returned Yusuf to Yaqub! O One Who removed the tribulation of Ayyub! O One Who answered the call of Zakariya! O One Who answered the prayers of Yunus b. Matta! We implore You, O God, through the secrets of the sources of these supplications to accept what we call upon You for, to grant us what we ask for, and to manifest for us the promise which You have promised the believers! There is no god but You. All praises are to You. I have been of those who have transgressed! By Your majesty, all our hopes have been lost except for [our hope] in You! By Your truth, all of our expectations have diminished except for our expectations from You! When the might of our kin has become unresponsive, The closest thing to us is the might of God! O might of God, intensify Your coming with haste, And unravel our knots, O might of God! The enemy has antagonized and violated, And we have turned to God seeking refuge. God is the most sufficient guardian.God is the most sufficient victor. God is sufficient for us and He is the best of guardians. And there is no power, nor strength except through God the exalted and Magnificent. Answer our prayers! Amīn! The plan of the oppressors has failed. All thanks are to God Lord of the worlds. May prayers and peace be upon Muhammad, the unlettered prophet, upon his family, and the entirety of his Companions.