sic transit gloria mundi - for violin, e-guitar, accordion, tape and video (2018-2019)

“sic transit gloria mundi” is based on the famous Muammar Gaddafi’s speech given at the 64thGeneral Assembly of the United Nations the 23rd September 2009. 

I was interested both in the content of the speech and in the sound of the spoken words, and in relationship between these two elements. I worked trying to expand and complicate this relationship and, as consequence, expand, elaborate and complicate the possibilities of meaning contained in the original text and in the broader context of our perception of historical facts.

Premiere: 19th March 2019, BKA Theater, Berlin

Diego Ramos Rodríguez: violin / Josef Mücksch: e-guitar / Olivia Steimel: accordion. Video: Robert Seegler