ZenDisco#1 / for instruments and electronics (2014-2015)

Sound performance about one hour long, based on the use of amplified or electric instruments and of pure sinus waves. I play all the instruments by myself, partly improvising and partly following a coincise score. The main focus is on the rich spectrum of interferences and beats that originates from the encounter between instrumental sounds and sinus waves, and on the concept of sound as a threatening and nearly uncontrollable force, source of pleasure and of fear and pain at the same time. I make indeed use of over-ampification of  the very high and very low register, so to make sounds almost corporally perceivable, not just with the auditory system, but also with the whole body, deep in the meat of the listeners.

[main performances 10.03.2015, Loophole, Berlin // 19.06.2015, Pizdetz, Oslo // 04.07.2015, Echokammer, Augsburg //  07.09.2015, Mme Claude, Berlin. Edoardo Micheli: e-bass, e-guitar, harmonica, viola, percussions, electronics]